The word of Mr. Johanes Ebert, Secretary general of Goethe-Instiut Worldwide

Dear colleagues at ÄDK in Cairo

It was of-course my great pleasure to be here with you to celebrate your jubilee in ÄDK and to meet my colleagues from the Goethe Institute but unfortunately that was not possible, therefore I would like, through this video, to congratulate you with your jubilee and send my warmest regards from Goethe Institute Munich. Since 2002, ÄDK has been part of a strong cooperation with the Goethe Institute , and I personally was the regional head of the Goethe Institute in Cairo from 2002 to 2007 and I know the level of quality that ÄDK works with and the amount of passion and enthusiasm that our colleagues work In ÄDK with to spread the German culture and language. I also know how much ÄDK has developed itself since that time and no more evidence than its third accreditation in a row from the Goethe Institute with excellent marks. If this shows anything it shows the high quality of the teaching and the high level of professionality from its workers.

I think we are all pleased to see the demand and attention for the German language in egypt and the increase in demand for it. We as the goethe institute with Partners like ÄDK try hard to reinforce this approach and try to answer this demand  by providing quality German courses by highly developed trainers and teachers and improve the quality of teaching, hoping that we will elevate the language levels of our students to fulfill their needs in education and work in egypt or germany.

We provide together, the Goethe Institute and ÄDK, joined language classes and we had intensive discussions regarding examinations and we will work on them together and I believe that with the joined cooperation of the Goethe Institute and ÄDK, more success will be awaiting ÄDK in the following years and more successful years will be awaiting ahead. Let me congratulate you from now with your next jubilee. 

Johanes Ebert, 

Generalsekretär des Goethe-Instituts

The word of Frau Susanne Höhn and Mr. Sebastian Völler

Dear ÄDK team,

The Goethe Institute sends its warmest congratulations to all colleagues at ÄDK , for turning 23 years. The Goethe – Institute has been represented in Egypt for more than 60 years in Cairo and Alexandria and has strong ties that go back in years with ÄDK.

ÄDK contributes to a great degree through its highy quality German language courses , in spreading and supporting the German language and culture in Egypt.

ÄDK is the Offiicial accredited partner to the Goethe – Institute since 2013. The accreditation visits  have proven ,through one accreditation visit after another , the high standards of teaching the German language  at ÄDK.

The demand on learning the German language has been huge in Egypt, and its increase has been noticed lately, specifically the past few years. 

It is a great challenge and a dual mission for the Goethe – Institute and ÄDK to answer to the need for learning the German language, by offering high standard courses, given by highly trained professional trainers and teachers.

The Corona pandemic has thrown us into the world of virtual e- learning. It is a challenge that we all have to face , whether in virtual classes, or in communication among colleagues or with our customers.

Without a doubt, we do miss direct communication and we do hope we return again to the direct forms of cooperation. Without a doubt this pandemic gave a strong boost to online classes and it has created novel solutions that weren’t available before, which we intend to keep in the future.

Even our accreditation signs have become virtual and digital. We hope to meet soon face to face and it is our great pleasure that we continue our collaboration together.


Susane Höhn

Institutsleiterin Goethe-Institut Kairo Regionalleiterin Nordafrika/Nashost


Sebastian Völler

Leiter der Sprachregionaler Fachauftrag

The word of Frau Simone JoreReferentin für Sprachkurse und Prüfungen

ÄDK has always been known for its high quality German language courses, and we are very happy that ÄDK and its team are partners with us and we are glad that we cooperate to answer the large demand on the German language.

ÄDK is always known for its top training program for its teachers and its good work environment and creating a comfortable educational atmosphere in its branches.

Learners in the goethe institute and ÄDK can continue their learning of the German language in both institutes successively and move from each institute to another, immediately and directly, based on the agreement between the two institutes. We at the Goethe institute have complete trust in the level of the German language courses that ÄDK offers and its high quality.

In addition, ÄDK students get special discounts when they take the international Goethe institute examinations.

We believe we are strong together to achieve the best we could offer in teaching the German language.

Simone Jore

Referentin für Sprachkurse und Prüfungen