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At ÄDK we connect students to career opportunities in various fields, by doing that we believe we enrich the job market and realize the potential of our students and candidates. With various partnerships with various institutions and corporations in Egypt and in Europe, we offer applicant an oppurtunity to learn German while landing jobs at the same time. The program is designed to work on students’ German language in an accelerated time for specific fields, and connecting them to work in various fields. Please find the job field relevant to you and leave your data and we will get in touch with you.


By joining the ÄDK careers program for engineers, you will start your German journey with specific purposes of engineering. After joining the program, you will get to intern in one of the biggest engineering companies in Germany.

    Call center

    The call centre industry has been booming the last few years. It’s a great opportunity for German speakers to use their German linguistics and land highly paying jobs for themselves in big corporations in the German call centre sector. Join our call centre program and we prepare you to pass your interview and connect you to our partner from the call centre industry.


      The medical industry in Germany is in constant need of doctors and highly qualified calibers from the medical field. Through ÄDK careers program for doctors we qualify you linguistically to land internships, seminars and jobs in Germany in various hospitals and medical institutions we partnered with. Start your journey now and leave your data and we will get back to you.


        The art of teaching is something we have mastered throughout the long years of working in this field. We do believe that for someone to teach German, he needs more than a good command of the German language.A knowledge into the techniques and art of teaching and its methodologies, are what makes unique teachers distinct. Teachers create an environment for the students where they can enrich their learning experience.Our Teacher's diploma is an essential prerequisite to teaching at ÄDK…If you are passionate about teaching German and think you would like to join our team and take our diploma, apply now