K. Hosseini Orphans Scholarship

ÄDK is proud to announce its partnership with the Karim El Hosseini Scholarship, where the institute provides scholarships to orphans in conjunction with the Orphans’ Friends Association and Ministry of Social Solidarity and the German Chamber. The scholarship ceremony took place in Hilton Ramsis hotel Attending the ceremony was Dr. Ghada Waly, Minister of Social Solidarity, the Vice Minister of Education, CEO of the Orphans’ Friends Assosciation Frau Jutta el Hosseini and Prof. Dr. Tarik Bary founder of ÄDK


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Sprache als Kultur. Kultur als Sprache

Start your German language journey now

ÄDK German courses- accredited from Goethe Institut

Join us and start your German language journey with our courses. We offer accredited German courses from  Goethe Institut from levels A1 to C1 (According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ). Choose the time and intensity that suits your needs. You can learn the outcome of every level and its price from the table below.

Express courses

We were the first to introduce express courses. Highly intensive courses if you are keen to learn German fast without compromising the educational quality. Get ready these courses needs lots of studying and focus and with the help of our teachers you will be able to achieve great results. Watch the video to know more. 

4980 EGP – Graduates

4560 EGP- Students

Weekend courses

ÄDK Weekend courses are designed for people who don’t have time during the week because of work or study. Now you can have the German you need in your free time. Weekend courses follow our regular course outline and number of hours, intensive and normal. 


1900 EGP per level

4980 EGP- 3 levels , Graduates

4560 EGP- 3 levels, Students

Conversation courses

Conversation courses are designed for people who want to improve their speaking and conversational skills. You will expand your vocabulary bank and practice speech making and get the opportunity to discuss interesting topics. With the help of a professional native speaker teacher, you will work on your verbal skills for better communication. 

1820 EGP

Online courses

Learn German at your own comfort and convenience right from your couch. Our online courses immerse you into a fun and engageing linguistic experience with the help of our teachers. Our Online system has been designed to accomodate a mixture of live lectures, games, class disussions and group work. Our Online classes have been proven very successful since their launch, and in today’s world its a smart way to learn German. Our Online classes are certified from the Goethe-Institut. 

Learn German with top certified teachers and global standards.

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I spent years at ÄDK , all my friends i have done were at ÄDK. The teachers that taught me , the fun activities, the memories and the education made me love this place. I learned German because i wanted to achieve my goals and i am so glad i did it at ÄDK.
Yasmine Abu El Maaty
ÄDK Alumni

What are you waiting for? Lass uns gehen


German courses for adults:

We offer Goethe courses from levels A1 to C1 (According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ). You can learn the outcome of every level from the table below.

Levels and German language stages :

Stage Learning units Level Days per week Normal courses Fees for Students Fees for Graduates Intensive courses Fees for Students Fees for Graduates
50 learning units
2 days
3 hours, 4 learning units
1990 EGP
4 hours, 5.3 learning units
4560 EGP
4980 EGP
50 learning units
2 days
3 hours, 4 learning units
1990 EGP
4 hours, 5.3 learning units
4560 EGP
4980 EGP
50 learning units
2 days
3 hours, 4 learning units
1990 EGP
4 hours, 5.3 learning units
4560 EGP
4980 EGP
In order to enroll in the B2 stage, one needs to pass the B1 stage and take the Goethe exams in the Goethe-institute or the ÖSD exams from ÄDK.
100 learning units
2 days
4 hours, 5.3 learning units
3960 EGP Per level
B2 Plus
2170 EGP
Learning unit = 45 minutes. Length of normal course 6 weeks and a half. Length of intensive course: 15 weeks. Courses can be prolonged due to public holidays or external factors.

Please contact us for more information on special offers and promotions.


Children courses:

Summer courses Winter courses Our courses Fees Conversation courses
2-3 times per week
1 time per week
KID courses:3 levels / from 6 to 10 years old
1420 EGP/ 1278 EGP - for Siblings and Shams club members
Enrollment conditions:
- studying German as first language
- after the10th level
- special groups can be formed Price: to be determined
Number of hours: 2.5 hours
Number of hours: 2.5 hours
G courses:10 levels / from 11 to 15 years old
1680 EGP/ 1512 EGP - for siblings and shams club members
Period: 1-1.5 months
3 months

We offer a 10% discount for siblings (10% each),if they are enrolled in the same course or even different courses yet in the same time.

The outcome of each level: 

Elementary use of language

A1 A2

Can understand and use familiar, everyday expressions and very simple sentences, which relate to the satisfying of concrete needs. Can introduce him/herself and others as well as ask others about themselves – e.g. where they live, who they know and what they own – and can respond to questions of this nature. Can communicate in a simple manner if the person they are speaking to speaks slowly and clearly and is willing to help. Can understand sentences and commonly used expressions associated with topics directly related to his/her direct circumstances (e.g. personal information or information about his/her family, shopping, work, immediate surroundings). Can make him/herself understood in simple, routine situations dealing with a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and common topics. Can describe his/her background and education, immediate surroundings and other things associated with immediate needs in a simple way.


Independent language use

B1 B2

Can understand the main points when clear, standard language is used and the focus is on familiar topics associated with work, school, leisure time, etc. Can deal with most situations typically encountered when travelling in the language region. Can express him/herself simply and coherently regarding familiar topics and areas of personal interest. Can report on experiences and events, describe dreams, hopes and goals as well as make short statements to justify or explain his/her own views and plans. Can understand the main contents of complex texts on concrete and abstract topics; also understands specialized discussions in his/her own primary area of specialization. Can communicate so spontaneously and fluently that a normal conversation with native speakers is easily possible without a great deal of effort on either side. Can express him/herself on a wide range of topics in a clear and detailed manner, explain his/her position on a current issue and indicate the benefits and drawbacks of various options.


Autonomous language ability

C1 C2

Can understand a wide range of challenging, longer texts and also grasp implicit meanings. Can express him/herself spontaneously and fluently without having to search for words frequently and noticeably. Can use the language effectively and flexibly in his/her social and professional life or in training and studies. Can make clear, structured and detailed statements on complex topics and apply various means of text association appropriately in the process. Can effortlessly understand practically everything which he/she reads or hears. Can summarize information from various written and spoken sources, logically recounting the reasons and explanations. Can express him/herself spontaneously with high fluency and precision and also make finer nuances of meaning clear in more complex topics.

Sprache als Kultur. Kultur als Sprache.


We see ourselves as mediators between east and west. Through facilitating cultural projects that allow dialogue between artists and thinkers, clearing misconceptions and misunderstandings often presented by the media.We aim to achieve this through: partnering with cultural institutions, conducting symposiums, working on translation projects and helping young artists to travel abroad and showcase their work and talent. Stay tuned for our cultural activities. 

Philosophy Cafe

Earlier this year, we launched our philosophy cafe with conjunction with the ÖKF. Philosophy cafe is a place, where lovers of free thinking and discourse, discuss daily problems of our lives and ask questions about life and our existence in it. Our philosophy cafe has been a true joy, where participants from various backgrounds and cultures came together to discuss interesting topics. With that we spark a cultural dialogue between the Egyptian/Arab culture and the European culture. Now our philosophy cafe has been online, and has gathered followers from all over the world. So stay tuned for our latest updates and follow us closely.

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