Art Courses

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The Childrens’ arts program in ÄDK goes hand in hand with our language courses. Every friday children from the language courses get divided into groups according to their interests. The groups include Arts and Crafts, theatre, make-up and painting. The program integrates the language course with these activities to provide an engaging approach to learning German to the children.

At the end of the program the talents oft he children is showcased. For instance, last season we showcased the theatre group by screening the film the children acted in and by handing them our ÄDK Oscars awards.

Fast German

For students eager to travel fast to Germany or in need to learn German in a short amount of time for education or business persons, ÄDK has designed various courses and programs for this purpose.

We design these intensive courses, keeping in mind that students need time to study and revise their coursework at home and keep a fair life and work balance with their German study time.

Express courses

Express courses compresses your hours without compromising your educational quality. The program covers three stages, in each stage nine levels. A1, A2, and B1 . You will be able to finish this program in 10 weeks by attending 3 days a week.

Intensive courses

Intensive courses are three days per week and hold the same number of hours and educational objectives as the normal courses. For more details please visit the courses for adults page.